PWA Preset

Wingsuit also ships with a pwa preset, which uses WebappWebpackPlugin under the hood to automatically generate all of your site favicons in multiple formats, as well as your webapp manifest.json and other PWA niceties.

Installing the pwa preset

To use this preset, firstly you install it as a dev-dependency via yarnor npm:

yarn add @wingsuit-designsystem/preset-pwa -D

After that, you'll need wingsuit to consume the preset by loading it via your wingsuit.config.js:

const namespaces = require('./source/default/namespaces');

module.exports = {
  presets: [
  designSystems: {
    default: {

Default behavior & customizations

Out of the box the preset will generate multiple formats of your favicons and your manifest.json only when running a production build of drupal. It will look for a favicon.png in your source folder. The generated files will be placed into /dist/[app]/favicons by default. You have, however, the possibility to modify all of this by using a special pwa object within the paremeters object in your wingsuit.config.js. You'll also want to define your project specific pwa values there, because their default value are set to null. Following props are exposed:

logo{string | default: './source/favicon.png'}Path to your source logo. Logo can be either png or svg
prefix{string | default: 'favicons/'}Prefix which gets injected into your webapp.html
publicPath{string | default: 'favicons/'}Destination of your favicons (will mostly be the same as your prefix)
appName{string | default: 'null'}Your application's name
appDescription{string | default: 'null'}Your application's description
developerName{string | default: 'null'}Your (or your developer's) name
developerURL{string | default: 'null'}Your (or your developer's) URL

Example configuration:

const namespaces = require('./source/default/namespaces');

module.exports = {
  presets: ['@wingsuit-designsystem/preset-pwa'],
  parameters: {
    pwa: {
      // path to source (default: './source/favicon.png')
      logo: './source/favicon.png',
      // injected prefix (default: '/favicons/')
      prefix: '/favicons',
      // destination (default: '/favicons/')
      publicPath: '/favicons',
      // App Name (default: 'null')
      appName: 'My awesome app',
      // App Description (default: 'null')
      appDescription: 'App developed with the awesome wingsuit package',
      // Developer Name (default: 'null')
      developerName: 'Steve Jobs',
      // Developer URL (default: 'null')
      developerURL: '',
  designSystems: {
    default: {

Integration into your CMS

To integrate your favicon into your CMS copy the content of app-TYPE/webapp.html into your html TWIG template.

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