Twig only

A Twig only component works without any wingsuit YAML file. The patterns are useful if you don't need or don't want a UI Pattern integration.

A typical use case for Twig only components are menu or header components.

The data for these components can be provided as variables or defined globally inside YAML files in apps/storybook/data. So typically

A twig only component contains:* index.js * pattern.stories.jsx * pattern.twig * css file (optional) * javascript file. (optional)

Wingsuit provides the react component RenderTwig to render twig templates:

import { RenderTwig } from '@wingsuit-designsystem/storybook';
import React from 'react';
import 'index';

export default { title: '01-folder/Name' };

const twigTemplate = require('./twigfile.twig');

export const Variant = () => <RenderTwig data={twigTemplate}></RenderTwig>;

You can assign variables as properties to the twig component:

export const Variant2 = () => <RenderTwig data={twigTemplate} variable1="value1"></RenderTwig>;